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Restaurants and resort facilities need more technology every day but, often will not have the IT person on staff to help. As times change, we need to change with them. Customers want Wi-Fi connectivity while your businesses' point of sale systems are needing wireless as well. The local network equipment for this is often overlooked. We see the need and want to be the solution but, having IT knowledge is only part of the problem. Deployment of systems requires additional skills that most companies who focus on IT can't provide or would often require several vendors to get he job done. 

We can bridge the gap so that you can improve your services to you customers and your inhouse staff. When you deploy a new point of sale system, you need to look at the whole picture of how it needs to work for you. We have the vendor connections inhouse to install wire and even provide contractors for construction to move the proper network locations to where you need them. 

When your network provider goes down, so does your point of sale system. We can add a failover cellular system to keep your point of sale system running and processing for a fraction of the cost of your internet provider. 

If you need technology such as camera systems, door controls or networking, we can make it happen while also making sure that you have the proper resources to make it all work without slowing down. 

we can provide Onsite service, network consulting and system deployment.


140 Richard Jackson BLVD
Suite 130
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

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