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A company is only as good as those operating within it.

TropicPC can manage your commercial, government, or residential properties.  

Though we specialize in commercial property management, we manage mixed portfolios  as well.

Susan Levesque
Susan Levesque
Founder and Principal
Marc Levesque
Marc Levesque
Operations Manager

Susan has been working in the Property Management field for 20+ years. She started in Atlanta as a property manager and then moved to Panama City Beach in 2005 and continued as a property manager.


In 2008 Susan started her own property management company, Tropic Property Consulting better known as Susan manages assets in the Beckrich office complex, Chamber building and a three story building in downtown Panama city.  In addition to the Class A government and commercial occupied properties, she manages dozens of town homes,  apartment complex units, and residential property for long term rental.


TropicPC has benefited from Susan's calm management and continues to grow here in Panama City Beach, FL. for commercial or residential property management, she is one of the best.

Marc came to work for TropicPC in 2015 after a 20 year career in enterprise IT with companies like Comcast and He brings technical and mechanical knowledge that few companies have. Marc also does remodeling and repairs when needed on properties. There is no one better to manage projects, vendors and operations for TropicPC. 

Marc Provides IT Services for TropicPC and specializes in Gigabit WIFI networks. 

In addition to the IT skill set, Marc has designed installed and maintained physical security, badge access systems as well as, security and camera systems. From fire safety to physical security, Marc can manage the project to provide the best possible solution for your tenants. 

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