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Property Security Project

At TropicPC, we are always making improvements. After Hurricane Micheal, there was a lot to rebuild. Everyone else in the area was rebuilding as well. This created a new problem with getting rid of debris. Our community dumpsters would often be filled within hours after they were emptied. There would also be every imaginable debris dumped next to them. The city of Panama City was removing debris for no charge into but had to eventually stop the service.

There was a lot more traffic through our communities from an increase in transient workers and downed security fences.

We felt the need to improve the environment for our tenants so, in addition to new fences, we installed a HD camera system for the neighborhood.

This project posed some issues for installing the camera system. This complex was four buildings and I needed to cover both sides of the street. I needed to have internet access and power. I could have just used wireless cameras but then the power would have to be at each camera and be costly.


Here was the project in a nutshell:

  • Delivered a business Xfinity cable service for internet to one of the units in the attic area . Building 1

  • Installed the Video Camera DVR. Building 1

  • installed a power outlet in the attic of building 1

  • Ran network cables for POE (Power Over Ethernet) to the camera locations. this required no power installs to device locations. Building 1

  • installed wireless network data bridge transmitter. Building 1

  • Installed Power outlet in attic of Building 2.

  • Installed POE Switch. Building 2

  • Ran network cable for camera locations. Building 2

  • Installed wireless network bridge receiver. Building 2

  • Powered up building 2 components and connected to network in building 1 over the wireless bridge.


There were a couple hiccups in this when the camera manufactures would not support wireless bridging in networks but I was able to resolve all the issues and the system has been operating perfectly for over a month.

The end result has been a system that we cal all bring up on our cell phones to check on issues and can deliver video to the authorities if ever needed. The system is a great deterrent with the cameras each having a flood light that comes on when they record.

This is an example of improvement capabilities for TropicPC. We are not your basic property management company. If you have a properties and feel they are dying on the vine, contact us.

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