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Clean Upgrades

Everyone needs to do their part in response to Covid-19 including your property management. I have to admit, some changes were really easy and if I had known how easy, I would have done them long ago.

We actually started replacing some old faucets before the pandemic so, by being proactive, we were ahead of the game. I found some Halo touch-less faucets that worked great.

These were super easy to install and are battery operated. I should note that you will want a little extra space under your counter for the control box and additional valve box to mount.

In all, I installed about 8 of these. Be sure to get new drains without stoppers as well.

Cleaning hands was number one in my thoughts. When things were heating up we ordered automated hand soap dispensers. This is a simple one and not a new idea. We went with the GoJo touch-less with hospital grade soap.

This was probably the easiest thing since you literally just screw them to the wall.

Finally, we converted all of our manual vacuum flush toilets to battery operated automatic flush. If I knew how easy these were, I would have done these a long time ago.

These literally take 5 minutes to install. Just kill the waster under the valve cap, unscrew the old handle and install the new one. All the tools to do this were included!

In the past I was afraid to touch these and always called a plumber but, their are simple things that do not require one.

These upgrades are inexpensive and easy to do. If you are a property owner, I hope this helps you understand what you can do and that automation is not as daunting as one would think.

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